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Feb 26, 2015

Daniel Van Kirk has a Cleveland born comedian this week: Peter Moses. These two have a mutual Midwest respect going and Peter is a guy who just gets it. From his Bar Mitzvah and Johnny Football to his study abroad in Australia and scuba - Enjoy!

Feb 20, 2015

Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk brings you David Brown, comedian and one of those guys people always refer to with both first and last name. Hear David Brown discuss hunting camp, his traveling Europe hair, and how he and DVK came to know each other.

Feb 12, 2015

It's episode 33 of Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk and his guest this week is actor Kurt Long. Kurt covers all the good stuff - full on beards, biker shorts, why he's made-up like a John Wayne Gacy clown and his favorite Uncle Rob. Enjoy!

Feb 7, 2015

Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk brings you comedian Dave Ross. Dave is the host of Nerdist podcast, Terrified, and he wrote his memoirs when he was just 23, but he still has plenty of stories left to tell. From Goth to stage freight, enjoy this episode!