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Nov 19, 2015

Comedian Dan Black is on Hindsight! Dan is a Disney World pro, he got a behind the scenes tour as part of his job as an accountant. Dan's time in NY & how he found his love of doing Improv & the work he put in to be a UCB Harold performer.

Nov 12, 2015

Fresh off his appearance on Conan O'Brien, comedian Ahmed Bharoocha is this week's guest on Hindsight! The age old tale of a mother taking her son on a ride to the pits of hell, moving across country at 16, and pretending he wanted to be an engineer.

Nov 5, 2015

Daniel is joined by actor and writer, Mark Schroeder! The two guys kick things off by sharing stories about the pitfalls of getting too excited as kid, the time he weaseled his way into an interview with Tina Fey & getting mentioned on Conan O'Brien!