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Jan 28, 2016

Comedian Greg Jones sits down with Daniel this week! The two met doing shows at the UCB theatre & share a love for comic book Herod that are indestructible. The show kicks off with so comic book movie talk & then dives in to Greg’s stories of growing up in Ventura, CA. Greg talks about […]

Jan 22, 2016

First up, some full disclosure. This episode was intended to drop next Thursday 1/28. The show that should’ve dropped in this slot, with the wonderful comedian Andrew Youngblood, had an unsolvable audio issue. So if things seem a little out of order or odd, no you know why. I believe in always being upfront and […]

Jan 14, 2016

Spoiler Alert! Daniel can’t wait to get to talk to somebody about the documentary Making A Murder and the first 1/2 hour doves right in to the show, the case, and the unfair prosecution of Steven Avery. After that Daniel and his guest, comedian David Huntsberger jump into the photos! David tells stories of his […]

Jan 7, 2016

It’s a new year Hindsight with comedian Sharon Houston! Daniel and Sharon talk about her life moving all around the country, what it means to be raised by a neighborhood, competitive theatre in Texas, and Sharon tells the story of risking it all when she moved to New York City.