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May 26, 2016

Actor and writer Aaron Bendele is this week’s guest on Hindsight! The guys talk about farm life living, a llama with an attitude problem, and his uncle. The conversation shifts to Aaron’s collegeand his time as an instructor for a Boy Scout camp!    

May 20, 2016

Actor and old college buddy of Daniel’s, Ben Carr drops in for this week’s Hindsight! The two longtime friends start off talking about going to school in Chicago and how a night of free deep dish changed Daniel’s life. They then dig into the pics and cover Ben’s uneventful Prom night, his time in upstate […]

May 12, 2016

Comedian Ryan Singer is this week’s guest: influences religion had on him, starting a bad relationship on a cruise ship, and when sadness and negativity dominated his comedy until a breakthrough. New age talk and hidden themes of The Never Ending Story.